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Do you want your children to be happy, creative, and inspired - to have an inner belief they can achieve anything?

The education system is broken and many young people are disillusioned with school. However it is still an important part of our children's future. So how do we support them to be creative, inspired and passionate about learning so they can fulfil their potential?

School is important because you need qualifications to access higher education and jobs. BUT it is only part of the learning tapestry.

Latest Podcast Episodes

176: Closing the maths attainment gap with Third Space Learning

November 30, 2020

Third Space Learning was founded in 2013 with the goal of making one-to-one tuition accessible to children in need. Closing the maths attainment gap with one to one teaching. Personalised online maths lessons from specialist tutors.Over three quarters or English Primary schools are signed up to the Third Space Platform, and the company has delivered over 800,000 hours of teaching…

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175: Your feedback please to help shape our future

November 23, 2020

Today I am asking for you help and support to shape the future of Education on Fire. Do you prefer the interviews, solo shows or a combination of both? Let me know where you listen, from the 131 countries that have downloaded the podcast. Are you a teacher or parent? What content will support you?…

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174: What was the best advice you have ever been given? Ep 3

November 20, 2020

On todays bonus episode we take the question ‘What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given and who gave it to you?’ and hear the answers from guests 20-27 released on the Learning on Fire podcast. You can listen to the whole podcast collection by clicking below. Sit back and…

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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

Nelson Mandela

Mark has been featured on the following podcasts:

"Inspiring, Uplifting and Practical
I love this podcast- Mark does a brilliant job of gently challenging the education status quo, and in so doing he reveals some of the most innovative, creative and inspiring approaches to education."

Lisa Avery

Most Recent Blog Posts

Do schools kill creativity? Sir Ken Robinson TED Talk

08 Nov 2016

This is a video of a TED talk given by Sir Ken Robinson.
These ideas and others explained in his books have really inspired me to make Education On Fire a reality.

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Hackschooling makes me happy. Logan LaPlante TED Talk

07 Nov 2016

Logan LaPlante’s TED talk as a thirteen year old explains what it is to be a hacker. Watch how he explains what education and learning is for him.

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Education on Fire sponsor

National Association for Primary Education

Our aim is to achieve a higher priority for the education of children from birth to 13. High quality learning in the early years of life is vitally important to the creation of an educated society. Young children are not simply preparing for the future, they are living a never to be repeated time of life and the best way to learn is to live.

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