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Nancy Stewart presents our Christian Schiller Lecture 2022 – NAPE 079

The National Association for Primary Education are delighted to announce that Nancy Stewart will present our Christian Schiller Lecture 2022.

‘Cherishing the growth of young children: what early years education can be’.

Nancy Stewart is a consultant and writer with wide experience across early years sectors in schools, nurseries, local authority advisory service, and National Strategies where she was Senior Early Years Adviser with a central role in Every Child a Talker. Nancy provided expert advice to the 2012 review of the Early Years Foundation Stage, drawing on her interest in communication and language for thinking, as well as children’s development as self-regulating learners. Nancy co-authored Development Matters 2012, and wrote How children learn – The characteristics of effective early learning. She led development of Birth to Five Matters (2021) as Project Lead for the Early Years Coalition, and is a Vice President of Early Education.

Nancy has earned the reputation as one of the most insightful speakers in the UK, specialising in the field of early years. This event will be of great interest to teachers, tutors, students, parents.

The lecture is free and will be held on Monday 14th March 2022 at 4.45pm.

It is being hosted by Windmill Primary School in Oxford and will be live streamed via zoom.

To book please visit: or


5 Primary focused podcast episodes you should listen to – NAPE 078

The National Association for Primary Education works in many ways to provide help and support for those involved with schools.

One of those ways has been to sponsor and support Education on Fire.

Here are links to the 5 episodes mentioned in this show.

Details of the NAPE YouTube channel and the Christian Schiller Lecture with Nancy Stewart can be found at

Pupil wellbeing in primary schools – NAPE 077

New Edurio research reveals half of children feel stressed and a quarter feel lonely.

Edurio has published their latest research examining pupil wellbeing, support systems in school and how pupils feel about school. The study drew on responses from 45,000 children of which 15,000 were from primary.

  • Children feel progressively less well as the move through primary school – 76% in year 1 feel well but this drops by 17 percentage points in Y6 when 59% report feeling well.
  • Children feel more stressed in Y6 (36%) than in Y1 (22%)
  • More primary aged children feel overworked in Y2 and Y3 than at any other time during primary school.
  • The research shows that the transition to secondary school has a negative impact on children’s wellbeing and the drop is greater than at other times during school.
  • Children’s overall wellbeing drops from 59% feeling well in Y6 to 46% in Y7.
  • More students often feel stressed – rising from 36% in Y6 to 43% in Y7
  • More children report not sleeping well in Y7 (30%) than in Y6 (28%)

Mark Taylor chats to Iona Jackson co-author of the Edurio report about her findings.

Full details can be found at:

To keep up to date with all the work by National Association for Primary Education please visit:

MarvellousMe Parent Engagement App – NAPE 076

‘MarvellousMe is a game-changer for parent engagement.’

MarvellousMe engages parents by telling them about their children’s learning and success. It enriches family conversations about school and makes it easy for parents to help their children’s education and say: ‘Well done!’

Delivering a positive teacher-parent partnership, MarvellousMe makes it easy for schools to implement the best practice prescribed by experts like the Education Endowment Foundation. To build and sustain excellent parent engagement and positive behaviour school-wide.

Designed by a once disengaged dad, MarvellousMe is different from messaging systems, social media and solo teacher apps. It involves and equips parents with personal, positive and progress-led news, and gives leaders the ability to focus parent engagement on essential topics and school values, analytics to ensure whole school consistency and peace-of-mind that data is managed centrally, securely and in the UK under the GDPR.

Inspire, involve and empower parents.

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This conversation was previously recorded for the Education on Fire Podcast of which NAPE is a sponsor.

Can you help educators find answers to your questions? – NAPE 075

Here at the National Association for Primary Education are looking for educators to help us ‘Pay It Forward’.

We see hundreds of questions asked on social media every week. What if we could collate the answers, get your views and experiences in a way that could support thousands of others?

If you are an educator and have ever asked a question and received a great answer – online or in person – we invite you to Pay It Forward.

Please be a guest on the NAPE podcast with Mark Taylor (NAPE vice chair) and spend 10 minutes discussing these 5 things.

  1. How are you currently involved in education?
  2. What question did you ask?
  3. What was the answer?
  4. Who gave it to you?
  5. What advice can you share from your own experiences?

That is it!

To get involved and find out all the details please visit

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