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Monthly Membership

Your membership will give you access to:

– Primary Music Pyramid – training on how to lay the foundations that help embed music at the heart of your school. We will support music co-ordinators, non-music-specialists and music teachers in whole class singing, rhythm and  pitch.

– Learning instruments – we can show you how to take the first steps in teaching your class ocarinas, recorders, ukulele, boomwhackers, samba and more. We can also show you where to find the best resources as you flourish and become a confident music provider.

– Choirs and ensembles – how to set them up and support them to thrive with insights into all the best resources available.

– How to create a performing culture in your school with music assemblies, concerts, recitals, or festivals.

– Performing opportunities outside of school and in the local community.

 Using music with your class topic.

– Forums for teachers to share their experiences and help others gain the knowledge and support they need.

– Member Q&A calls with Carol and Mark

– Exclusive member offers.

– Follow the music teachers on our team – They will document and share how they have created their lessons and how they are cultivating wonderful experiences for their pupils.

–  How to utilise your Music Hub – First Access programmes. Cross curriculum projects & funding. Introduction to instrumental lessons.

This content can be delivered in a variety of ways and includes:
Recorded & live videos, podcasts, downloadable audio recordings, PDF & Powerpoint, online workshops.


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