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248: The importance of sleep with Ed Gorst

Edward Gorst is a secondary school science teacher who out of nowhere developed insomnia. This happened for roughly 6 months and was an extremely stressful and tough period to go through.

However he managed to fully get over his insomnia and return to being a normal sleeper. As a result he created a website to offer support to others suffering from insomnia.

This website also aims to help the wider population to sleep better and to get the best nights sleep possible. This is especially important for teachers who have stressful days and need to arrive feeling fresh everyday.

Ed offers two different services. Firstly he helps individuals improve their sleep to benefit their health, performance and wellbeing. Secondly if you are suffering from insomnia, he offers therapy to help you get out of that vicious cycle that is insomnia.

Everyone deserves and can get a good nights sleep. Listen to find out more.


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