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Zulu Nation Day at Buckland CE Primary – NAPE 031

We had the privilege of visiting Buckland Church of England Primary School to hear all about their Zulu Nation Day. You can listen to Headteacher Louise Warren and 6 pupils explain all about this wonderful experience entitled:


The Mighty Zulu Nation

Curriculum enrichment

Celebrating diversity at Buckland CE Primary School March 2019


The school was awarded a Creative Learning Bursary from NAPE Oxfordshire who support members in exciting, inspiring and creative projects that extend children’s learning beyond the national curriculum and involve children in its planning.


To see full details and pictures of the event please the school website at:


To find out more information about National Association for Primary Education please visit:

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Music resource discount for NAPE members – NAPE 030

National Association for Primary Education are the sponsor of the Education on Fire Podcast Network and Primary Music on Fire Membership site.


To support you in providing music in your school you will receive a 50% discount as a NAPE member.

Full details and how to join Primary Music on Fire can be found at

Primary Music on Fire

If you are not a NAPE member you can find out more about them at

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Humanities 2020 – NAPE 029

National Association for Primary Education are pleased to support:





Join us in our campaign to restore the humanities – History, Geography, RE and Citizenship to their rightful place in the primary curriculum.

We believe the humanities play a key part in a broad and balanced school curriculum. They have a crucial role in helping children to:

  • explore the purpose & meaning of their lives,
  • build their sense of identity & self-worth and
  • develop the values that will help them to become active, inclusive and thoughtful citizens.

To find out more information and sign their manifesto please visit

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Starting secondary school – NAPE 028

One of the biggest concerns for Year 6 children now that SATs are out of the way is moving on to their next school. They will have often found themselves treated as responsible members of their current school, Leaders in many different areas, but for many it will be back to square one and certainly a big drop down the pecking order. Transition programmes and visits to the new school will help some of these worries to be confronted, but they are likely to bring new challenges which become bigger in their imaginations. Many of their concerns are addressed in the latest addition to the BBC Bitesize website here:

A lively friendly place to ask all those questions which are burning to be raised.






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Website relaunch – NAPE 027


The National Association for Primary Education (NAPE) brings together everyone who has a concern for the learning of children from birth to 13 years. Members and affiliated schools work to improve education through the Early, Primary and Middle Years.

This week I take you through the relaunch of the NAPE website and what you can expect to find.

  • Join online via PayPal
  • Read our journal Primary First
  • Links to the NAPE podcast
  • I-SPY book series available to buy from £2 per book
  • The Development of Handwriting Skills by Christopher Jarman
  • Blog posts & social media feeds
  • Christian Schiller – In His Own Words
  • Our position papers & media releases








Take a look now at


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